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The Code Monkey Programmer Chick
I'm currently living in Beaverton in my first house I just bought. I'm a liberal at heart and believe in equal rights for everyone. I especially stand up for the rights of animals and can be moved to tears faster over the death of an animal than I can the death of a human. I voted for Obama in the primary and I have high hopes that he will make it into the White House this year. I STRONGLY believe that government should stay out of religion and vice versa.

I was once diagnosed with have Borderline Personality Disorder, but have come to the realization that I spent a lot of years using this as an excuse to misbehave. I no longer use it as an excuse.. although I do have to admit that it's still a part of my life. I do consider myself in recovery. I am only looking for one thing in life.. to love and be loved.

I do not believe in God as spoken about in the Christian/Jewish bible, I believe only in God as the energy of the universe. I believe that the universe and everything in it is alive and that we are all just a piece of this universe. I see that life is something to live, and want only to be at peace with myself so that I can live it.

In short, when asked to define who I was, entropyerika had this to say:
Lewanna: ( n ) Woman who is funny, bright, smart, smartassed, wild, wicked, and not hard on the eyes.

A warning:

Biography posts so you can really know everything you ever wanted to know about me and then some (by the way, you will need to be a friend to read these):
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I am a C# based ASP.NET web programmer by trade. Yeah.. I know.. I feed the MS machine, but it's where the money is and I kinda like it.

Oh and because some real life friends made me and now it's how I keep in touch with them..

Oh and if you're in the market for an interior designer in the Beaverton area, go see my mom at http://www.createaspaceinteriors.com. Tell her I sent you.. :)
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